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Campfires and Fishing

It was really early. He had just talked to the guys about fishing. Fishing, ah, my favorite subject. He walked around a bit, gathering up wood so he could start a fire. Wood was scarce in these parts, but finally He had enough to have a cooking fire -- the kind of fire you can huddle up really close to for warmth and pile up coals for cooking on. Some call it an Indian fire. Seems as though white men are always building big fires…always big, always more. You have to gather more wood for big ones. Seems like we spend more time in life gathering wood and other things. Then when it comes time to use all we have heaped up, we are tired from all the work of trying to get it…or just too old now to enjoy it. Maybe we need to stop gathering and just slow down and look around a bit. Nothing wrong with small fires…gives you time to enjoy ‘em. A stick now and then is all that is needed. Big fires require lots of energy on your part and you can't even move up close to 'em.

With the fire started, He waited for the coals to burn down. It took awhile, but He always enjoyed watching a fire. He could see the guys fishing from where He was. Coals just right, He took some fish from a sack, split them open and laid them on the coals for cooking. He also removed some bread from the sack and set it on a flat rock next to the fire to toast slowly.

Finally the fishermen came in and walked up to the fire. They seemed surprised there was one...and by now the fish were done...and mmm...smelled so good (they were hungry, too). The Fire Builder looked up from the coals and smiled at them, "Come and have breakfast." Everyone huddled around the small fire and the Fire Starter gave them some, by now, toasted bread. It gave the fishermen a moment to look this guy over. His face was badly scarred, as if He was in a fight one time and lost really, really bad. Looks like He was lucky to survive it. Funny, He didn't seem like a fighting kind of guy, but what a gleam in His eye... and when He smiled it made them feel comfortable. …something familiar about this guy, too. As He reached in to gather the fish from glowing coals, the long sleeves pulled up past His palms and wrists exposing a huge mass of healed scar tissue on both hands... and then they knew. nothing wrong with small fires...

When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread ...Jesus said to them, "Come and have breakfast." None of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are you"? They knew it was the Lord. John 21:9, 12

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- campfires & fishing

Taking the shot!

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