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About Us

We have been photographing people in the great outdoors since the 1970's. It has been a pleasure to serve our customers with their unique photographic needs. What good friends we have made all over this great nation of ours. Here at Mr. Quigley Photography we specialize in action outdoor photography, wedding, as well as outdoor portraits that are unique one-of-a-kind memories. Our photos have been published in various books & magazines throughout the world.

Our business operates from the beautiful historical Bradshaw Mountains in Central Arizona. We travel the entire United States photographing cowboy shooting events as well as other venues for our clients.


Mark Quigley, is the founder of this well-known, well-mannered team that travels the nation photographing. Mark has been practicing the art of photography professionally since the 1970's and participates in both mounted and action shooting himself. The rest of the Quigley team also loves and play the game of cowboy action shooting, and that is probably one of the reason they are so good at capturing the spirit of the game.


The Quigley team consist of seven professional photographers that combine to have over 130 years of photographic experience.


Mary Quigley (Mark's wife) runs the business end of things taking care of the studio located near historical Prescott, Arizona.


Alan and Lorrie travel all parts of the United States. They have been shooting photos since the 1970's specializing in outdoor action photography as well as weddings. Their work is truly amazing.


Tom has a special knack for capturing people in natural portraits as well as fast action. Tom and his family cover the Western US.


Jimmy has been with the team for several years now and is a very good photographer.


Rebecca also joins the team adding final expertise to this group of camera firing cowhands.


Donny has a gift of seeing the image ahead of time and creates amazing images that our clients love. He completes the Quigley team. Donny also covers weddings, senior portraits and is the co founder of Droid Photo Life another "Quigley" photography project.


We use state of the art camera equipment, computers, printing systems and strive to stay current as technologies as standards change. Currently we use Canon professional systems for our digital work. Canon has the top rated digital systems in the industry. We also use 6x7 centimeters (medium) film formats for certain types of our work. Our flash and lighting equipment is portable, thus allowing us to photograph at different locations and environments both indoors and out. When working at events we have up to 12 state of the art computer viewing stations that allow participants to view their photos immediately and order products onsite. Images can be printed on up to 8 of our hi-resolution printers. We have 4 portable photo labs that can be taken to events. If you have any other equipment questions feel free to contact us.


Official Photographer for the following publications:
Mr. Quigley Photography is the official photographer for Single Action Shooters Society (SASS), the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) Shoot Magazine, Guns of the Old West magazine, the Chronicle and Glock magazine. We Contribute regularly captured photos as well as articles and stories to these publications.


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