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Published Works
We write for many different magazines. Below is a list of a few that can be found on your local newsstand.
NRA Publications
Harris Publications NYC,NY (police publications)
Shoot Magazine
Guns of the Old West Magazine
Glock Magazine
SASS Chronicle
CMSA Rundown
Guns & Ammo
True West
Cowboys & Indians
American Cowboy
Western Horseman
Shooting Times
American Hand gunner
Various CAS Books
City and News Media throughout the nation
Hartford Publications

Articles and Photo essays


"Wildflower Hot Spots in Arizona" - Photo essay by Mark Quigley spring 2005
This will be a banner year for wildflowers this spring here in Arizona . . The last time I saw this kind of a wildflower season was the early 1980's. Many of you are emailing us asking about locations of scenic wildflower blooms here in Arizona . This short article will help you find some of our favorite spots. Something a little unusual has happened this year here in Arizona and that is - it has been raining and raining a lot! read on >>



"National Festival of the West" - Guns of the Old West Magazine
It turned out to be one of those typically beautiful Arizona days. It had been raining, which is unusual for Arizona , and mountain men as well as cowboys from all over the West had to be worried as the moseyed into town for the big shindig. But not to worry, the weather turned out just as it was ordered..  read on >>



Camping Out - A Christmas Story
It was an especially dark night. One of those that when you are away from the fire and look up into the sky, you tell yourself the heavens declare the glory of God. Well, we had been camped in this spot for a couple of nights. It was a pretty place. You could see the surrounding rolling fields and hills during the day.  read on >>



Pismo Beach Bash - As published in Shoot Magazine May '04
Have you ever shot right next to the ocean? One of the most exciting mounted shoots in the country uses the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. Ocean breezes bring moments of coolness for riders from all over the west while participating in the heat of competition.   read on >>



Double E Ranch - Photo Shoot Mr Quigley Photograhy - 10/03
We just got back from a shoot in New Mexico. The weather was beautiful and the facilities where second to none. Check out some of the photos from our trip.   view photos...



"Indian Mesa, Az" - Feature for Arizona Sportsmans Journal TV - 08/03
This month I would like to change our focus a bit and visit a ghost village built by Native Americans. Lifestyles were very different but the needs were the same, water and in this case the Agua Fria River were utilized by both. This Indian fort appears on maps by the name of Indian Mesa.  read on >>



"Arizona Ghost Towns - Tip Top" - Feature for Arizona Sportsmans Journal TV - 08/03
Last time we talked about Gillette, so I thought this time I would take you on a adventure over the old wagon haul road that led from Gillette into the rugged Bradshaw Mountains. This trip will require a 4-wheel drive vehicle in good condition. Be for-warned it’s a rough road adventure that should only be taken in cool months.  read on >>



"Arizona Ghost Towns - Gillette" - Feature for Arizona Sportsmans Journal TV - 07/03
Just over a mile from Lake Pleasant Park lies the ghost town of Gillette. This is one ghost town that has always amazed me. It always pops up in old newspaper accounts and seems to have been a busy and lively town. Wyatt Earp and many other well known Arizonans passed this way. What I find amazing is how a town so well known to Arizona history can die with so little remaining.  read on >>



"Taking the Shot!" - Shoot Magazine - 06/03
It was a long shot. The horse and rider were approaching fast and the rider was already shooting his pistol. Aiming carefully, stock firmly against my shoulder, waiting for the right shot. That moment came and I gently squeezed the trigger. "Click".  read on >>



"Camp Fires & Fishing" - Personal Journal
It was really early. He had just talked to the guys about fishing. Fishing, ah, my favorite subject. He walked around a bit, gathering up wood so he could start a fire. Wood was scarce in these parts, but finally he had enough to have a cooking fire - the kind of fire you can huddle up really close to for warmth and pile up coals for cooking on.  read on >>




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