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Cowboy Action Shooting
We love to create on film those hard to capture moments. Cowboy Action Shooting is fast, dusty and definitely challenging. We play this game ourselves so we know the moments our customers want captured. Our posse photos are well thought out with beautiful backgrounds. At times our cameras have been hit by ricocheting lead in this sport.


Mounted Shooting
This is another type of shooting we participate in so we know what type of images our riders and magazine editors are looking for. We have almost been run over a few times by some of the fastest riders just trying to get in close for those spectacular photographs. Capturing that perfect microsecond is what we strive for.


We photograph weddings throughout the U.S. All styles of weddings are covered. Call or email us on package options and pricing. 602-690-5901


Outdoor Recreation
We have been photographing people recreating in the great outdoors for over 30 years. Working with existing light in unique situations in all parts of the United States can be challenging and fun. Let us photograph your next outdoor outing.


We do traditional portraiture photography but work hard at creating a one of a kind image that invites you into the printed page. These creative family memories can be done in color, traditional black & white or sepia tone. We love to work with existing outdoor light but also use various types of lighting equipment. Unique works of family art are our specialty.


Nature is amazing and always changing. We love to photograph and capture these works of wonder. Wildlife presents challenges for getting in close as well as moving around to compose a great image. Transferring the four dimensions we see in our world to the two dimensional print world, is challenging and rewarding.


Law Enforcement
We provide photographic services to police departments, creating positive visual relationships with the people they serve. We also furnish national magazines like "Guns & Ammo", "Special Weapons & Tactics" with assignments and stock police photographs. Including, Glock Firearms.


Western Stock
For a selection of western stock photos, contact us with your needs.


Old West
We love to photographically recreate the old west, contact us with you needs.




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